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Here you'll find information on making shop tools, woodworking stories, ways to improve your shop, woodworking project plans, some of my completed projects and a whole lot more.






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A Million $ Finish
With Danish Oil?  You bet!

Drill Bit
Sharpening 101

Put an end to the complexity



September 10, 2012


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A woodshop and beeswax were made for each other; make great  finishes, protect your power tools and a whole lot more awaits you.


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Drill Bit Sharpening 101

Put an end to the madness


SketchUp - A Lifesaver For


A page with all sorts of SketchUp stuff.  You'll find  video tutorials, ruby scripts and a few models I did to show how wonderful SU is.


A Million Dollar Finish - Danish Oil Never Looked So Good

A procedure where you apply the oil in a series of steps to achieve a remarkable finish.  Try it now!



Storage Strife?

Do you have trouble finding things in your shop?  Maybe this coffee can storage rack is your answer. I designed it to make shop life a whole lot easier.