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Drill Bit Sharpening 101
This simple jig is guaranteed to prevent headaches
well, drill bit headaches anyway.  Tell your doctor if you are experiencing vertigo.  Known side effects are glee,
impressionable looks, calm demeanor, sharp and crisp holes, faster drilling, friend envy and no loss of hair.



How I came up with this fall-off-a-log-simple jig would hardly be considered an accident because geniuses don't come up with things by accident.  We simply have the gift of looking at something and instantly seeing how it can be improved.


We all know that necessity is the mother of invention but not in this case...I didn't need it.


I was watching a YouTube video where this guy was sharpening drill bits.  His procedure wasn't much different from the way I had been sharpening mine but there was one little thing he did that caused me to have one of my genius moments.  I instantly pictured the jig in my mind's eye, had it all figured out logistically and made a bee line for the shop to birth it.


What you're about to see here is not for the faint of heart - it's pure excitement...think of Clark Gable with Indiana Jones  adventure...it's...it's, Ok, it's not quite a pant load but it sure shows you how well it works.




Closeup still pictures of before and after sharpening to follow so check back soon.  Today is Sept 10, 2012.


After you get done with that one you might be interested in seeing my other YouTube videos - they show all kinds of things; my shop construction, furniture jigs, wood lathes and other subjects.