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Jake's Chair
download plans and build a unique adaptation of the classic Adirondack chair


Ain't these some snazzy chairs?



Scott Brownell, a member of our woodworking list took the initiative and created some CADD drawings for the templates that make up the various parts of this chair made famous by its designer, Thomas Gauldin.


Jake's Chair, as it came to be known, is available free of charge to everyone so long as you observe these three rules:


    • You cannot sell them
    • Make them available as much as you can
    • Always refer to them as a Jake's Chair


Scott has made several formats of these drawings and you shouldn't have any problems getting them to load properly.

If you don't have any sort of CAD software, fret not because FastCad has a free viewer you can download, which seems to do everything perfectly. Your choices are:



The following is straight from Scott's keyboard...


"I do know that these open just fine in the following programs: Visual Cadd (in which they were drawn), Generic Cadd, Intellicad2001, and Turbocad2D60 as well as the Fastcad viewer.  I want to reinforce the readme.txt. These are fullsize drawings, be sure to turn off all the other layers that you're not printing at the moment and print at 1:1, 1"=1", whatever. No Dimensions were added because of them being full size."


General assembly instructions for Jake's Chair can be found HERE