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A Problem Solving Flowchart


Have you ever encountered a situation whereby a problem exists but you just can't solve it quickly or efficiently enough?


Well, for times like that I turn to this flowchart. It's exceptionally accurate and effective and perhaps it will help you, too.



If you'd like to have your own printable copy of this useful and colorful flowchart to hang in your shop, you can download it from HERE (MS Word format). If you bring it up and it doesn't look like it does here, then the fonts I used aren't installed on your system. Now, don't get excited or set your hair on fire because it's nothing to worry your pretty little head about. Good Ole Joe (the working girl's friend) has included those fonts in the download.


If none of that impresses you, then our flowchart is available in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat format) HERE.


If after all of this and you still having troubles let me know and I'll get it to you in a format you can handle (that's how concerned I am that you get a copy of this useful flowchart).